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UCAS is the UK’s centralised admissions service to higher education, each year supporting 750,000 people to access university, and providing a range of ancillary services including analysis of trends in HE. I took up the temporary role of Director of Communications and Marketing after leaving QCDA in 2010.

QCDA was the government agency for the development of the curriculum, reform of qualifications and delivery of assessments (functions since integrated into the UK Civil Service). I was Head of Communications for 14-19, Skills and Curriculum between 2007 and 2010.

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UCAS Digital Hub (2011)

Artist's impression of the UCAS Digital Hub, which formed the backdrop for media coverage of Confirmation and Clearing 2011.

I created the 'Digital Hub' as a physical manifestation of the groundwork that had gone into ensuring that the organisation was on top of its social media strategy, then a relatively new phenomenon.



UCAS End-of-Cycle Report (2011)

I worked with the incoming UCAS Chief Executive to develop this new publication, designed to release into the public domain insight into the demographic trends of 17 year olds applying for HE.

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QCF animation
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QCF Animation (2010)

I worked with an animator to develop this visual approach to presenting the features of the Qualification and Credit Framework.



Delivering Diplomas (2009)

I commissioned this film as part of a QCDA campaign to promote the Government-sponsored Diploma programme.

Delivering Diplomas
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Radio interview (2011)

I was interviewed as part of a series explaining the role of UCAS in the run-up to A level results day 2011.

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